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NJ Transit

NJ Transit NJ Transit is the nation’s largest public transportation system, providing more than 895,000 weekday trips on 261 bus routes, three light rail lines, 12 commuter rail lines and through Access Link paratransit service. It is the third largest transit system in the country, with 164 rail stations, 61 light rail stations and more … Read more


FENOCO FENOCO (Ferrocarriles del Norte de Colombia S.A.) is responsible for the administration, operation and maintenance of the railway infrastructure and rolling stock of Concesionaria Ferroviaria del Atlántico in northern Colombia. The company worked with a Teltronic TETRA system that provided mainly voice and short data along the entire 246 km long Chiriguaná-Santa Marta line, … Read more

Metro Bilbao L3, LTE deployment and integration with CBTC

Metro Bilbao L3, LTE deployment and integration with CBTC The Basque Country has a communications network based on TETRA technology, which facilitates the communications of the different public services. Operated by ITELAZPI, a public company, the system has TETRA coverage in 100% of the territory, with 184 base stations providing overlapping coverage in four segments … Read more

New York Transit Authority

New York Transit Authority The New York Transit Authority, NYCT, is the public authority of the US state of New York that manages public transport in the New York City area. It is a key part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the largest urban transport system in North America, with more than 1.7 billion … Read more

Cuenca Tramway

Cuenca Tramway Cuenca, a World Heritage City, is a city of about 600,000 inhabitants in the south-central part of the Republic of Ecuador. It is called the Athens of Ecuador for its architecture and its cultural diversity. Until its implementation, the existing public transport system in the city was characterised by traffic congestion, noise and … Read more

Transport in Monterrey

Transport in Monterrey The Monterrey metropolitan area has a population of 5.3 million inhabitants, making it the second most populated metropolitan area in Mexico, behind only Mexico City. The city is served by several means of public transport, which make about 5 million trips daily. The transport infrastructure of the city of Metrorrey presented certain … Read more

Qatar Tramway

Qatar Tramway Education City is an initiative of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Located on the outskirts of Doha, the capital of Qatar, it covers 14 square kilometres and houses educational facilities from school age to research and university level with the aim of being the centre of educational excellence in … Read more

Nottingham Tramway

Nottingham Tramway Nottingham Tramway The extension of the tramway in the English city of Nottingham, operated by the Tramlink Consortium, included the construction of two new lines. In order to optimise the operation of the lines and provide the best possible service to citizens, the operator sought the best possible radio communications system as a … Read more

Euskotren Railways, Train-to-ground communications over TETRA

Euskotren Railways, Train-Earth communications over TETRA Euskotren is the main transport operator in the Basque Country, an Autonomous Community located in the north of Spain, and offers passenger and freight services. Improving both the mobility of citizens and the agility of freight traffic are two priority objectives for the company, and to this end it … Read more

Rail signalling over TETRA in Mozambique

Rail signalling over TETRA in Mozambique The railway corridor created to transport the resources extracted from the Moatize Mine to the port of Nacala has become a major logistical project that not only serves to transport coal, but has brought prosperity and development to this area of Mozambique. Download our case study It is a … Read more