On-board Equipment

The main objective of critical communication systems in transport environments is to guarantee train-to-ground communications at all times. Teltronic includes a complete range of on-board radios in its portfolio, which have already demonstrated their effectiveness on trains, trams and metros all over the world.

Teltronic’s on-board equipment complies with the strict railway standards and norms (EN50155/EN45545), and it offers the flexibility and capacity for customization that is necessary to meet the specific requirements of the different types of railway operation and the different manufacturers of rolling stock.

The RTP series equipment enables voice and data management. It is available in different configurations and allows for numerous integrations with other railway subsystems, from the PA and intercom to the signalling applications.


The RTP-800 is the most advanced on-board radio device on the market. It integrates narrowband and broadband radio technologies in a single rack that is compact in size, combining the performance of TETRA with data capacities that are based on LTE and Wi-Fi technologies.

The RTP-800 has been specifically designed to incorporate all the required characteristics for transport environments in a single device, making it the best option for meeting all the communication needs of an environment that is this demanding: critical voice, critical data, vital data for railway signalling and broadband data for CCTV and other applications. Ready to meet the current and future demands of the market, the RTP-800 complies with the 3GPP standard in relation to FRMCS and MCX services.

The new equipment, which is EN50155/EN45545 certified, is easy to install and configured as a single hardware platform that allows multiple configurations.


The RTP-800 offers multiple connectivity options, with Ethernet, serial ports and Wi-Fi, as well as a digital audio switching matrix that simplifies integration with the train’s audio subsystems.

A solution for every environment


The RTP-603 is an on-board device that is available in a 19” rack and is commonly used in metros and railways.


The RTP-300 is available in a compact size in order to facilitate installation inside vehicles.


The RTP-S is an on-board radio that is designed for the management of data in railway environments (EN50155/EN45545).

Control Consoles

In order to manage the wide range of functionalities of Teltronic on-board equipment, its portfolio includes a set of control consoles. All these consoles include an easy-to-use interface, from which you can control the radio equipment, as well as a set of audio accessories (headphone, speaker and microphone) in order to facilitate driver communications.


The RCC-3000 is a touchscreen model with an 8” screen (PCT, Projected Capacitive Touch). It has IP65 rated protection against dust and water, a day/night sensor, a wide range of ports and connectivity options, and a configurable interface. As an added value, this console can be integrated with CCTV solutions, which allows the driver to supervise the images that come from the on-board cameras and manage radio communications, all from the one interface. In addition, it complies with the EN 50155 and EN 45545 railway norms.

Modular Console

The Modular Console is compact in size, making it easy to install in driving posts where there is limited space available. The user interface consists of an LCD screen for displaying operational information to the driver, LED indicators to show the status of the service and a vandal-proof piezoelectric touch keyboard. Using dedicated keys, it is possible to change the communications group and the working mode, activating the handsfree mode, sending preset messages or sending call requests to the Control Centre.

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