Project management

Teltronic accompanies and supports its clients throughout all the phases of the system’s life cycle, from analysis and definition of requirements, through the planning of the operational model and its design, to its deployment, optimization and subsequent maintenance. All this is possible due to our portfolio of managed services.

Added value

Our team of professionals who lead these services have a high level of training and extensive experience, enabling them to understand the client’s needs and work together with them to complete the development of the project, overcoming the challenges that they encounter and meeting the planned objectives in an efficient manner.

Streamlining processes, offering the greatest degree of availability, and improving quality and flexibility means that times and costs are optimized.

Teltronic applies a working methodology that is divided into five stages:


The requirements and viability of the project are analyzed and, based on this work, the most suitable technological solution and the initial system design are defined.


Verification of the client’s requirements, compliance with them, and project planning: structure, budget, interfaces, planning, risk analysis, etc.

Project development

During this stage, the detailed design of the system is implemented (assessing the number, specifications, and positioning of radio sites, developing detailed coverage prediction, design of the transport network, interfaces with other subsystems, etc.). Once designed, the plan is completed for the supply of materials and the manufacture of the necessary elements for deployment. A testing plan is established, as well as the mechanisms for monitoring and control, in order to guarantee that the project is rolled out correctly.


After the system integration, and loading and reviewing the different configurations, as well as giving the client some initial training, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is carried out. This aims to verify correct system operation and compliance with the client’s requirements before deployment. Once this is validated, then the materials are sent in accordance with the agreed conditions and the secure knowledge that the system meets the client’s requirements in terms of operation.


This phase takes place in the client’s facilities and it takes into account the selection of subcontracts and the supervision of the installation process. Once all the elements are deployed, a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) is developed at the final location and verification of system coverage is carried out. Having checked for correct operation, the project is transferred to customer service for subsequent supervision.

RF planning and traffic studies

The Teltronic systems engineering team designs bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of clients’ specific use cases. In the first stages, our working methodology implements a project approach which allows  discovering the project’s characteristics and particularities and, through complete RF planning and traffic studies, preparing an ad hoc unique proposal.

Our Teltronic RF planning studies are based on the best commercial platforms for cartographic modeling and spectrum management that are available on the market, and also on the extensive experience and qualifications of our engineers.

Geometric modeling of propagation and diffraction is used to provide more precise predictions of the radio signal and levels of service. In addition, our extensive experience in relation to the terrain and campaigns for re-planting after deployment provide feedback and fine tuning of all the necessary parameters in the simulation, in order to better deal with the project’s requirements and scenarios, whether they are outdoors, indoors, in tunnels, etc.

In addition, the deployment of a communication system also requires the detailed analysis of the estimated traffic that this system will support, which depends on different factors, such as the number of users, their distribution along the network, and anticipated applications and use cases. This study is one of the key tasks in the design and definition of a communication system, seeking to guarantee service under any circumstances.

Customer support

Teltronic offers the most secure, reliable communication systems, and complements its proposal with customer service that guarantees the systems’ correct functioning and performance.

As communication networks are complex systems, they require professional maintenance. The Customer Support services are not just recommended, they are necessary, and require highly qualified staff with experience in the management of this type of systems, and in resolving any incident that may end up occurring.

Teltronic has designed a separate portfolio of services that is adapted to the requirements of each client, with a wide and flexible range of services that can be combined to cover the project’s needs, depending on its size, components and operational model, and that is continuously developing and extending, adapting to new needs as they arise, and to technological and product evolution.

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