Regulatory Compliance

Teltronic´s commitment with compliance

One of the main governance´s objectives at TELTRONIC is the adoption and performance of effective measures and controls deployed in order to prevent or mitigate the risks of any criminal offence being committed in our organization as well as avoidance of other actions not aligned with our values.

Concretely, on 17th July 2020, our management body approved a Crime Prevention and Detection Programme formed by the following elements:

  • Creation of the Compliance Committee, with functions consisting of surveillance and overall supervision of the Crime Prevention and Detection Programme.
  • Code of conduct.
  • Bylaws of the Compliance Committee.
  • Supervision manual.
  • Compliance policy.
  • Whistleblowing channel regulation.
  • Risks and controls matrix.

Moreover, Teltronic has enabled a whistleblowing channel by means of which everyone can launch queries and comply the obligation of raising complaints about any alleged criminal offence. You can access to our whistleblowing channel in

In case you wish to download our Compliance Policy, you can do it here below:

In case you wish to download our Commitment to legal compliance, you can do it here below: