Professional communication solutions for transport

Buses, trams, subways, railways, and high-speed trains, including the most modern driverless systems, need efficient communications systems that provide the availability and security specifications required by these environments.

Teltronic offers complete solutions that are designed to meet the client’s needs, with the aim of always providing the most secure and reliable communications system.

Innovating for the Transport of the future

Teltronic solutions are based on TETRA and LTE standards, and offer continuous train-ground voice and data communication. In addition, the 5G standard and its application for the future FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) also form part of Teltronic’s offer for the railway sector.

Reliable, secure communications for:

5G for the railway of the future: FRMCS

These days, rail transport is one of the most ecological, sustainable, innovative, and safest means of transport.

The FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) is the future worldwide telecommunications system designed for the UIC, in close collaboration with different industry agents, as a successor to GSM-R, but also as a key element in the digitalization of railway transport.

The FRMCS, with 5G technology, includes innovations such as:

  • Automated trains
  • Remote supervision and surveillance of the vehicle’s elements
  • New railway safety applications
  • Improved, more precise railway signaling
  • More efficient operations; trains can run more quickly and reliably

Teltronic’s firm commitment to the standards has led us to design a portfolio of broadband solutions for the transport sector, with FRMCS as the main example.


Teltronic is leading the MoySEST – 5G Innovation for Transport Corridors project which aims to drive and accelerate the digital transformation of the rail sector by developing a broadband train-to-ground critical communication solution over 5G technology and based on state-of-the-art standards specifically designed under the FRMCS umbrella.

MoySEST is one of the initiatives selected in the 2022 call of UNICO Sectorial 5G and is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the European Union – NextGenerationEU in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

Portfolio for

TETRA, LTE, or hybrid network infrastructure

MCX application: Mission Critical services using broadband technologies

Multi-technology on-board radio equipment and on-board consoles for user interface

Mobile and portable radios

Transport control centres: CeCoCo

Dispatch units for stations and control centres

Special applications: Indoor positioning, transmission of video from drones and other devices, access to specialized databases.



The necessary applications in railway environments sometimes appear to be implemented across different communication systems that are not integrated with each other, creating functional problems, or even leading to a need for more investment.

In light of this, Teltronic’s multi-technology, multi-service solution brings all the communications together in one system, with the following key parameters:

  • Future-ready
  • Profitable
  • Appropriate and adapted for the use case
  • Interoperable

The private network offers a wide range of options for connectivity with other subsystems:

Services and functionality

Vital Data

Railway signaling systems are responsible for directing the trains, ensuring comfort, punctuality, availability, and safety in the transport of passengers and goods. The main solutions on the market can be summarized in 3 types:

  • ETCS for medium and long distance passenger trains
  • CBTC for subways and LRTs
  • PTC for mining and goods trains.

Teltronic solutions offer the voice and data communications support required by these signaling systems.

Critical Data

The on-board radio equipment allows positioning information to be obtained by GPS or beacons, and sent to the control center, so that they know where the train is at all times.

Other typical applications for critical data are related to the collection of alarms and information regarding the status of the mobile units. This information, depending on its nature, can be used, for example, to enable the automatic announcement of messages through the PA, and in general, to guarantee a safer, more punctual, and efficient public service.


The communication systems offer individual calls, group calls, broadcast, etc., among all the users of a transport infrastructure, such as drivers, Dispatch centres at stations, depots, control center operators, safety staff, etc.

In addition, it is possible to integrate them with other agencies (police, fire, civil defense, etc.) in order to improve coordination in the event of an emergency situation.

Other Data communications

The radio network can also support other applications within the operation, such as video transmission in real time, both for video surveillance of the environment (tunnels, crossings, platforms) and within the vehicles. 

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