The Teltronic team is committed to the development of private communication solutions for the global security challenges that are faced in all professional sectors.

Our values

Innovation and leadership

Since the beginning, Teltronic has always maintained strategic support for R+D. This has allowed us to lead in terms of what is state-of-the-art in the industry, and have the most modern of technology. Always at the cutting edge, Teltronic has actively contributed to the definition of the main critical communication standards, and this innovative leadership is reflected in the market. We are one of the main leaders in the industry, maintaining a prominent position in relevant sectors, such as Public Safety and Transport, and gradually establishing ourselves in new trends defined under the Industry 4.0 scope.


Teltronic applies fundamental concepts in its management and business model, such as client focus, standardization of processes, continuous improvement and innovation, which are reflected in the certifications that we support, and which have their origins in the constant search for excellence.

Teltronic, and its entire staff, is guided in the action it takes by these concepts, which are interdisciplinary and applicable in all spheres, so that this ambition for excellence translates into the quality of our products.

Security and Trust

We know that the correct operation of our systems is vital. This is a demand that we assume rigorously, professionally, and with the highest level of dedication, and it has meant that Teltronic is responsible for the most secure and reliable communication networks in the world.

Enthusiastic engineering

We tackle every deployment with excitement and enthusiasm, with the desire to seek out, invent or discover those solutions that will be best suited to the requirements outlined in each project, from the design to the installation and the operation.

This enthusiasm translates to the design of our products. Thanks to our long journey, we have an extensive knowledge of the industry. Our developments are always focused on responding to the real needs of the market, resulting from engineering that serves the users.


Our marked client focus, the use of our own technology and a well-prepared  and multi-disciplinary team, gives us the necessary flexibility to adapt to any scenario, to give an agile response to any unforeseen event, and to configure the most optimal and efficient solution on every occasion.

No matter what its scope, each new project is tackled as an engineering exercise, in order to find the most appropriate response to the client’s needs.

Challenge seekers

Designing the communication network for the biggest transport systems in the world; installing our equipment in the middle of the desert, the tropical forest, or even on the continent of Antarctica; guaranteeing the safety of large events, etc. The size of the challenge doesn’t concern us, as long as our desire to overcome it is greater. 

No matter what the nature of the project, or the difficulties it presents, we will succeed in solving it with tenacity, talent and a large dose of creativity.

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