The Sepura Group keeps communication flowing at the Olympic Games

21 March 2016
The Public Security Secretary of Río de Janeiro State has chosen Teltronic, part of the Sepura Group, to provide communications for the Summer Olympic...
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23 February 2016

Teltronic announce EN 45545 compliance for entire onboard portfolio

Teltronic, part of the Sepura Group, has announced the compliance of its entire portfolio of onboard products with new European standard EN 45545. The standard, published by CENELEC, the European Comm...
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03 January 2016

Teltronic to provide communications for Acapulco’s main bus rapid transit corridor

Acabús, the bus network of Acapulco, has chosen Teltronic, part of the Sepura Group, to deliver a digital communications system for BRT, the ambitious project that will see the construction of a bus-o...
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03 November 2015

TELTRONIC to supply CCTV solution for Monterrey Metro

Siemens has, once again, chosen to collaborate with Teltronic, part of the Sepura Group, to supply the video surveillance solution for Line 3 of the Monterrey Metro System, Mexico....
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14 October 2015

Basque Country President inaugurates Teltronic’s security-boosting professional TETRA-LTE solution for Bilbao Metro

The President of the Basque Country, Iñigo Urkullu, has inaugurated the latest phase of Teltronic’s security-boosting communications network for Bilbao Metro, deployed in conjunction with ITELAZPI, op...
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15 May 2015

TELTRONIC LTE field trial for transport in Bilbao Metro

ITELAZPI and TELTRONIC have agreed with Bilbao Metro Metro Bilbao a field trial to demonstrate the use and benefits of the new LTE broadband radio access for the transport sector....
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15 May 2015

Railway signalling over TETRA technology, one of the TELTRONIC bets for transport sector will be presented at CCW’2015 in Barcelona

The railway signalling applications require exchanging data continuously between its wayside and on-board elements. ...
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15 May 2015

TELTRONIC presents at CCW’2015 in Barcelona its dual TETRA-LTE deployable base station

The new product is part of the product family of the TELTRONIC new generation mission critical infrastructure....
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15 May 2015

TELTRONIC integrated command and control center solutions for public safety will be present in Critical Communication World 2015 in Barcelona

CeCoCo Series enables standard-based information sharing between different agencies and organizations, which is critical to provide a quick and accurate response to emergency situations. ...
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21 April 2015

TELTRONIC will deploy in Canary Islands the first mission critical LTE network in Europe.

The current TETRA communication system for Security and Emergency services in Canary island (RESCAN) will be extended to include broadband services based on LTE technology....
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