Teltronic updates the TETRA network of the Tenerife Metro

Zaragoza, November 9th 2020

Teltronic has updated the TETRA network which, since 2008, provides service to MetroTenerife. The updating work, which had been planned for March of this year and had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was finally carried out during September, and was done at night to cause as little impact as possible on users and guarantee the operation of the trains at all times.

In this way, the company has updated its NEBULA infrastructure, providing a more up-to-date software version compatible with the latest hardware elements, which will allow extending its useful life, as well as having greater functionality thanks to the new features and capabilities that have been incorporated in the latest versions of Teltronic’s successful TETRA system.

Due to the robust design of the NEBULA system, which guarantees compatibility in its external interfaces even throughout its different versions, the operation of the Operating Aid System (OAS), integrated with the TETRA communications system, has not been a problem.

The relationship between MetroTenerife and Teltronic began with the supply of its NEBULA TETRA system to cover phase 1 of the Light Railway between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna. Three years later, a new contract was signed to extend it and provide service to line 2 of the Tenerife Tramway, consisting of the La Cuesta and Tincer branches.

“MetroTenerife’s NEBULA system has been working satisfactorily for over a decade, providing a response to all the radio communication needs required by an environment of these characteristics; now, the system not only extends its useful life, but also incorporates new capabilities aimed at improving operation”, explained Teltronic’s Customer Support Manager, Juan Lasierra.