Teltronic expands the TETRA network of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso to increase security on the border with Bolivia


• The critical communications system is used by the Border Task Force, Military Police, Civilian Police and Military Fire Department, among other agencies
• The company, which has one thousand TETRA sites in Brazil, adds a new reference in the field of public safety

Zaragoza. October, 21st 2020.
Teltronic, a company specialized in the design, manufacture and deployment of professional radio communication systems, has been selected by the Secretary of Public Security of Mato Grosso to expand the TETRA network currently in operation in this Brazilian state.

The state of Mato Grosso already has a critical communications network covering its capital, Cuiabá, and its metropolitan area including the second most important city in the state, Varzea Grande. The system also has an emergency attention and dispatch center based on Teltronic’s state-of-the-art control center solution, CeCoCo NG.

The objective now is to reinforce the network’s capabilities and extend coverage to the border with Bolivia, thus providing the security agencies working in that area with a new communication system that will facilitate their surveillance and control tasks.

Photo: Mayke Toscano/Secom-MT / Governo de Mato Grosso.

In this way, the system will enable the transmission of voice and data to public security agencies located on the border, facilitating coordination and integration between state and federal agencies, and providing service to the Special Border Group, Military Police, Civil Police and Military Firefighters, among other agencies.

This expansion is possible thanks to the flexibility of Teltronic’s NEBULA infrastructure, whose platform has been designed to ensure efficient and cost-controlled system scalability. This project in Mato Grosso allows the company to add a new public safety reference and continue to demonstrate the validity of its solutions in this type of environment where the highest levels of coverage, security and availability are required.

Teltronic has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in Brazil, a country in which it has four delegations (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and Brasilia) and in which it has deployed a large number of projects in both public safety and transport, totaling one thousand TETRA sites in operation.