Working to guarantee their communications to public safety and emergency response agencies

Zaragoza, March 23rd 2020

The world is living tough moments due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and Teltronic, as a provider of communication solutions for critical environments, maintains its level of activity to ensure that the public safety forces and emergency care services that employ our networks, as well as critical infrastructures such transportation systems, keep their communication networks fully operational and available at all times.

For this reason, the company’s remote assistance and support service operates as normal, establishing the necessary control mechanisms over the more than 65 systems in maintenance, deployed across the five continents.

Teltronic keeps all its available resources operational to guarantee an appropriate support service, acting in the event of any affection or unwanted change in the behaviour of the systems, and supervising their correct operation in the event of potential anomalous situations.

“We are in an exceptional situation, in which it is a priority for emergency and public security services to keep their communication systems available to carry out their work as efficiently as possible, more at a time when commercial networks are reaching high saturation levels; our commitment is to continue working so that our systems work without failure and offering maximum availability ”, explained the director of Operations of the company, José Luis Val.

Police, firefighters, ambulances, Trams, Metros … all of them continue working with the highest levels of rigorousness, and Teltronic continues to cooperate closely with its clients in order that, at these critical times, they can perform their public service with complete normality.