Teltronic upgrades Euskotren’s Control and Communications Centre

  • The company has renewed the hardware elements and installed a more up to date version of its control centre solution, CeCoCo.
  • Thanks to the work carried out, the communications system incorporates new functionalities.

Zaragoza, 17th March 2022
Teltronic has completed the upgrade of the Control and Communications Centre that provides services to Euskotren, a public company that is the leading transport operator in the Basque Country and which provides rail, tram, funicular and road services. The works have involved both hardware and software upgrades, which have enabled the incorporation of new functionalities to the solution.

In this way, the equipment of the operators in different locations (workshops, offices, technical control of Operations…) has been renewed and more stations have been added to respond to the organisational structure of Euskotren, which has recently moved its Control Centre to new facilities. The system has also been equipped with the necessary hardware to be able to virtualise all the servers.

In terms of software, Teltronic’s control centre solution, CeCoCo, has been upgraded to a more up-to-date version that will improve the performance of the system. Among the new functionalities, each operator station has been assigned its own identifier (ISSI), so that the trains can communicate with these unique identifiers. To make this possible, it has also been necessary to change the version of the RTP-603, on-board radio equipment that Teltronic already installed in Euskotren trains.

The validation tests were carried out with satisfactory results both in the control centre and on the trains, thus certifying the full operability of the service after the upgrade work.