Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the operator of the Canadian city's bus, tram and underground systems, carrying almost 3 million passengers daily and is the third largest urban transit system in North America, after New York and Mexico City.

TETRA infrastructure for voice and data services

The network includes four rapid transit lines with 69 stations, more than 149 bus routes, 10 tram lines and a number of special transport services for the elderly and disabled (Wheel-Trans).

As the network had to grow to meet the mobility needs of the city, communication systems based on analogue and MPT-1327 systems began to be insufficient to adequately meet the requirements of such a complex environment as public passenger transport.

After a thorough analysis exercise of various technologies, TTC concluded that TETRA best met its needs.

Teltronic was responsible for the supply of a TETRA infrastructure to provide voice and data services underground for the metro and above ground for buses, trams and Wheel-Trans, a system that meets all the operational requirements of the TTC.

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