CeCo-TRANS is a control centre specially designed for the transportation market. Tailored to meet the typical voice and data requirements of the sector, it is an advanced support tool that allows operators and supervisors to interact with system resources easily and intuitively.

Specially designed for the management of transportation fleets, it provides a graphical interface, the ‘synoptic line’, which enables the operator to communicate quickly and easily with vehicles.

Based on TETRA technology, CeCo-TRANS provides a number of key functions:

  • Automatic vehicle location (AVL) via several vehicle positioning methods
  • Voice communication management, such as:
    • Group calls between drivers
    • Authorised calls between trains
    • PA calls to passenger areas
    • Intercom calls to the emergency handles located on coaches
    • Ambience listening calls
    • Emergency calls
    • Group calls with other operational staff
  • Pre-recorded passenger messages
  • Train ID management
  • Basic data exchange between the train and control centre
  • Fleet management: definition of communication groups for each railway line or section, for depots, stations, etc.
  • Automatic change of communication group, dependent upon location
  • Alarm and event management: real-time status monitoring of the elements of each vehicle

Key features of CeCo-TRANS:

  • Call recording
  • Modern, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Configurable synoptic line display, fully adaptable to suit the structure of the line
  • Web-based interface, allowing information exchange (location, Train ID, etc.) with external management applications, such as a railway control centre
  • Compatibility with the Synchronous Data Manager (SDM), our optimised data management application, allowing continuous acquisition of information, and real-time display on the synoptic line
  • Ethernet-based architecture, allowing systems to be designed with maximum availability by means of redundant elements, even in different geographical locations