Teltronic’s TETRA network in Brazil shows its reliability during the truckers’ strike

  • The number of calls supported by the TETRA system that the company has deployed in the South American country experienced a significant increase during these days
  • Its correct dimensioning and robustness guaranteed the correct service to all users and all communication groups of the Federal Highway Police

June, 10th 2018
During the last May, Brazil was paralyzed due to the ten days of strikes carried out by truckers protesting against the rise in the price of fuel. Since the country has great dependence on its highways, 58% of its goods and 90% of oil are moved through them, the temporary cessation of the activity of transporters produced important effects.

During the strike, the TETRA digital radio communication system which is being implemented by Teltronic with national range and that is used by Federal Highway Police (Polícia Rodoviária Federal, PRF), experienced a notable increase in the number of calls, showing its reliability and capabilities during all these days.

This increase in traffic was especially significant in states such as Santa Catarina or Paraná, but the system allowed all users and all communication groups to work perfectly, without any effect in the service. By means of its NEBULA infrastructure, Teltronic not only maximizes network coverage, but also offers maximum availability and reliability, guaranteeing flexibility in deployment, accurate sizing and robustness against any type of critical circumstance.

The TETRA system comprises of 600 base stations and already covers twelve states and the Federal District. The elevated level of use offered during this strike demonstrates the high degree of confidence that users maintain in the system.