Teltronic’s NEBULA TETRA systems to back up disaster relief and recovery operations during Mexico earthquakes in September

México D.F.

Mexico D.F., November 2017. Mexico recently suffered two earthquakes which struck numerous states and cities, one on September 7 with intensity 8.2 and the other on September 19 with intensity 7.1.  Past earthquakes in Mexico equaling magnitude date back to 1985, which gives an idea of the severity and enormous force of the recent earthquakes, as well as their damaging effects and associated losses.

Teltronic has been selected over the last years by several Mexican states, cities and municipalities as the preferred supplier of mission critical communication solutions and technology. Proof of this is the NEBULA TETRA infrastructures covering the entire states of Guanajuato and Mexico, and the NEBULA TETRA infrastructure lending service to the Municipality of Puebla. All these TETRA systems operated in a completely normal manner during the earthquakes and following aftershocks occurred in September, giving course to all voice and data calls that were required by the personnel from varied Public Safety organizations involved in the disaster relief operations, and which were served by these NEBULA TETRA systems.

Preparedness and counting on reliable supporting means are of utmost importance when facing Public Safety situations as those created by the large earthquakes shaking Mexico in September, where NEBULA TETRA system demonstrated that can operate flawlessly when and where it matters most’, says César Roig, Teltronic Country Manager for México, Central America and Caribe.