Teltronic to deploy Bahia’s critical communications network

  • The project includes a five-year managed services contract worth millions 223 of Brazilian reals (approximately millions 39 of euros)
  • The system, developed on TETRA technology, will serve nearly 400 municipalities
  • With an area of 564,692 kilometres (larger than France), it is the fifth largest state in Brazil

Zaragoza, 3March 2022
Teltronic, a Spanish company specialized in the design, manufacture and maintenance of professional radio systems, has been selected by the Public Security Secretariat of Bahia (Brazil) for the deployment of a state-wide critical communications network that will serve almost 400 municipalities.

The awarding, which includes a five-year managed services contract for a total value of 223 million Brazilian reals (around EUR 39 million), followed a public tender that included a proof of concept in which various system functionalities were tested, obtaining Teltronic the best score.

The company will deploy its NEBULA infrastructure, including the innovative MCBS outdoor base station, with multi-carrier capability and RF power up to 40 watts per carrier.

Teltronic will also be responsible for the installation of a platform for the integration of communication, video and telephony services in each of the 22 CICOMs (Centro Integrado de Comunicação) that the police have in the interior of the state. Finally, the company will also provide around 5,000 terminals, and will be responsible for the deployment of the transport network.

Feira de Santana, Bahia State – Brazil

The new network arises from the need to modernise the already obsolete analogue systems in use in certain regions of the state. In order to carry out a smooth migration without loss of service, 22 interoperability racks have been designed, which will allow the coexistence of the old analogue systems with the new TETRA network, guaranteeing inter-system communications in a transparent manner for users. Similarly, the existing TETRA network of Salvador de Bahia, which was deployed by Teltronic and serves the metropolitan region of the state, will be integrated into this new project, achieving a global TETRA system with radio capacity throughout the state of Bahia.

The system will serve, among other agencies, the Military Police, Civil Police and Fire Brigade, and will contribute to improving the efficiency of their operations through the capabilities offered by TETRA technology, as well as increasing the security of communications by incorporating the highest levels of encryption and authentication.

Thanks to this project, Teltronic will have close to the number of 2.000 TETRA sites in Brazil, a country it entered more than two decades ago and where it has five offices: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Fortaleza and Brasilia.

About Bahia

Bahia is one of the twenty-six states that, together with the federal district, make up the Federative Republic of Brazil. With its capital in Salvador, it is located in the northeast of the country and, with 564,692 km² (larger than France), it is the fifth largest state and, with nearly 16 million inhabitants, the fourth most populous.