Teltronic shows the future of radio communication solutions for transportation at InnoTrans

  • The company will present the evolution of its Integrated Command & Control, CeCoTrans, in the world’s largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry
  • The booth includes a complete demo to discover the Teltronic onboard solutions and how they are integrated with other rail subsystems
  • Teltronic is global leader in critical communication solutions for transport sector with more than 100 references worldwide

Zaragoza, September, 13rd 2018.
Teltronic will take part once more at Innotrans, the world’s largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry, that will be held in Berlin from 18 to 21 September.

Teltronic will show its specific solutions for transportation segment, including its TETRA+LTE convergent solutions; the new evolution of its Integrated Command & Control, CeCoTrans, the wide range of onboard radio solutions or the portfolio of cybersecurity licenses and services designed to protect critical infrastructures, among others.

Teltronic, global leader in critical communications for transport sector with more than 100 transport references worldwide, will occupy booth number 325 at Messe Berlin, where all the visitors will discover its cutting-edge efficient communication systems for trams, subways and passengers and cargo railways. They include a wide range of voice and data applications, guaranteeing communications among all the involved agents. In addition, the solution allows the managing of critical data, including alarms, location and any other relevant information in case of emergency situation; vital data by means of signaling applications for train control as ETCS, CBTC or PTC, and other complementary data, like on board video and multimedia applications.

The Spanish company will display its eNEBULA TETRA+LTE infrastructure as the perfect tool to face out the new big challenges that critical users demand. Two interesting novelties that Teltronic is presenting are its solution for mission critical multimedia LTE services (MC-PTT, MC-Data and MC-Video) and the connectivity of eNEBULA to the IoT world, allowing the transport customer to evolve towards the “Internet of Trains” operation model.

Teltronic will showcase a complete demo of a train cockpit that will allow all visitors to discover the functionalities and operation of a real communication system, since the onboard equipment to the infrastructure.