Teltronic secures Critical Communications for the last World FIFA Championship in Brazil 2014

TELTRONIC guaranteed the communications between different Brazilian police forces, as well as in critical transportation infrastructures during 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Through terminals, TETRA & LTE networks and systems for Integrated Command and Control Centers, TELTRONIC has successfully contributed to become this event in one of the world’s securest Cup.

TELTRONIC has been present in Brazil since more than 15 years, and for this long time, has helped to improve public safety standards, collaborating and supporting Local and National Security Forces, as well as, private transport operators through the deployment of radio networks, supplying handsets, terminals and systems for Security & Emergency Control Centers.

During last FIFA World Cup, TELTRONIC secured the communications, among others, of next customers.


Military Police of Río de Janeiro State, (formerly PMERF, Policia Militar do Estado do Río de Janeiro), depending on the Safety Secretary of the State Government is the responsible for the maintenance of public order in the State of Rio de Janeiro. This force owns one of the largest TETRA networks of South America provided by TELTRONIC.

This private network guarantees mission critical voice communications and the delivery of location and user-control information in the metropolitan area of Río de Janeiro, the fourth most populated city in the continent with 12 million of people. It is used daily by more than 9,000 users through more than 15,000 radio equipment of different types like handsets, mobile radios or dispatchers.

During the last FIFA World Cup, TELTRONIC solutions used by the Military Police were essential during the security operations accomplished in the metropolitan area and particularly nearby Maracanã Stadium during the Final Match between Germany and Argentina and subsequent Closing Ceremony.

Additionally, the command, control and communications between this police force and other national agencies were guaranteed through the National Integrated Command and Control Center (formerly CICC, Centros Integrados de Comando e Controle) hosted in Río de Janeiro.

The Public Safety Secretary of Bahía State is the operator of the TELTRONIC TETRA network covering an area of more than 700 km2, including the main city, Salvador de Bahía, with four million of inhabitants.

This network provides service to several state agencies like the Military Police, Civil Police, Scientist Police and Fire Brigade of Bahía State, ensuring their private voice and data communications. All of them can attend any requirement thanks to the support of an Integrated Security & Emergency Command and Control, where they can be geo-located and coordinated thanks to our CeCoCo System. This Control Center is nowadays 24/7 assisted by more than 70 operators.


Supervía is the private operator of urban railways in the metropolitan area of Río de Janeiro since 1998. It has a TETRA network deployed by TELTRONIC to give radio coverage for 9 lines, along 225 km and 102 stations, some of them intermodal ones.

TELTRONIC also provides mobile radios for voice and data services, installed on more than 350 trains and provides a CeCoCo system for the Supervía Transport Control Center. The communications are also integrated with public announcement systems in trains and stations.

The solution in Supervia Control Center is based on CeCo-Trans system which is especially designed for railway operation. It offers a synoptic line display, where it is possible to establish voice communications, view train alarms or allow circulation number assignment.

During the last FIFA World Cup, just for the final match between Germany and Argentina, Supervía put into operation additional 22.000 sites to guarantee the mobility in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro.

In the same way, the circulation was reorganized prior the start of the final match and after the closing ceremony, especially in lines passing through Maracana Station.

TELTRONIC solutions demonstrated their ability to adapt to customer operational needs, enabling the total availability in exceptional situations, guaranteeing 100% availability during service operation.

Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport in Brasilia has an operation of TETRA network and 400 radio terminals to allow the communications between maintenance staff, luggage management staff, airport buses and dispatchers in airport control center, both in outdoor and indoor areas.

This airport ranks third position in Brazil and fifth position in South America in terms of number of passengers, reaching 14 million per year. During July and August 2014, more than three million passengers used the airport, an additional 7% as regards last year. Source: Statistics of the Brasilia International Airport, at

After and investment of more than 400 million of reales, A São Gonçalo de Amarante International Airport, located 33 km away from Natal, was open last 31st May 2014.

It has been designed to lend service up to six million passengers yearly. During June and July, it was visited by 392 thousand passengers. TELTRONIC has deployed a TETRA network and more than 100 radio terminals to provide ground communication services.