Teltronic puts its complete MCX solution to the test at the 8th MCX Plugtests

  • The company participated by providing LTE infrastructure: its EnodeB in band 68 as well as its EPC which, integrating the MBMS and BMSC modules, enables multicast transmission.
  • With its control centre solution, CeCoCo, and its RTP-800 on-board equipment, it was able to validate typical MCX and FRMCS functionalities in both LTE and 5G.

Zaragoza 25 October 2023

Teltronic participated in the eighth edition of the MCX Plugtests organised by ETSI at the University of Malaga, with the objective of validating the interoperability of a variety of implementations using different scenarios based on 3GPP Mission Critical Services.

Teltronic performed several tests with its Evolved Packet Core (EPC) in both unicast and multicast communication, demonstrating the possibility of making multicast calls in integration with different MCX servers. In this way, Teltronic tested its solution that includes both the EPC and the modules MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Multicast Services) and BMSC (Broadcast Multicast Service Center) that make multicast transmissions possible, all in one and without the need for third-party equipment.

In addition to integrating the EPC with Teltronic’s Band 68 EnodeB, integrations with third-party base stations and end-to-end testing of the solution with the MCX dispatcher, CeCoCo, and the RTP-800 on-board equipment were also completed.


Teltronic participated in the Observer Demo sessions, in which the observers (entities and companies from the sector and industry) were able to see first-hand the capabilities of the participants. In the different sessions, Teltronic showed real use cases, for example, different types of emergency calls, or other functions such as “First to answer” or “callback request” as well as the behaviour of the transmission flow in a multicast environment in relation to unicast.