Teltronic presents at Innotrans 2014 its TETRA communication solution for railway signalling applications

The communication solution for railway signaling applications, which will be shown in the next edition of Innotrans 2014 in Berlin, is composed of TETRA on-board equipment for data management and TELTRONIC’s next generation infrastructure, eNEBULA.

TELTRONIC has been deeply involved in work with the main signaling systems manufacturers in order to adapt TETRA technology to cover the requirements demanded by railway train control systems. These signaling applications require exchanging data continuously between its wayside and on-board elements. TELTRONIC provides a complete and integrated solution for this type of end-to-end data communication that consists of:

– An on-board TETRA data modem, called RTP-S, compliant with railway regulation EN50155, designed specifically for this harsh environment and which incorporates several connectivity options for the on-board application and allows using different TETRA data services (Circuit Mode Data or Packet Data).

– TELTRONIC next-generation “evolved NEBULA” (eNEBULA) infrastructure, to be integrated with the signaling wayside equipment and configured to provide high levels of availability and dedicated radio resources solely for signaling data management. By using eNEBULA, the system availability specified for this kind of environment is assured.

This innovative solution promoted by TELTRONIC allows applicators to choose the most suitable TETRA data service according to the data traffic model coming from the signaling system meanwhile all the QoS parameters established are still achieved.

Today, there are already several projects in which TELTRONIC is designing and deploying TETRA solutions for railway signaling applications.