Teltronic obtains the Aragón Circular Seal of Approval

  • This distinction is awarded by the Government of Aragon in recognition of its commitment to the circular economy model.
  • The company has thus reinforced its commitment to excellent, innovative and sustainable management.

Zaragoza, 30th January 2024

In 2023, Teltronic was awarded the Aragón Circular Seal, a public recognition mark which, through the Department of Economy, Planning and Employment, is granted by the Government of Aragon to companies, local administrations and entities for their commitment to the circular economy model, the performance of good practices and actions to improve their circularity.

This recognition, which is for an initial period of two years and may be renewed, represents a further step in Teltronic’s commitment to contribute to achieving a decarbonised, resource-efficient and competitive economy, all within the framework of excellent, innovative and sustainable management.

For the awarding of the seal, the degree of implementation of the principles of the circular economy in management, its impact throughout the value chain and its contribution to achieving a more sustainable and efficient economy in the use of resources in Aragon have been assessed.

In order to be able to assess all these aspects, Teltronic’s Environmental Department had to submit a report together with the application form in which it accredits that in the exercise of its activity it takes into account the criteria that are the object of assessment, as well as the documentation that proves it.

“Due to the very nature of its activity, Teltronic is not a polluting company that generates large volumes of waste or requires intensive energy consumption, but it is firmly committed to a circular model and to minimising the use of natural and energy resources”, explains Jorge Ochoa, head of the company’s Environment Department.

Actions such as the reuse and recovery of waste and improving the efficiency of processes and uses are part of Teltronic’s corporate strategy, and serve to promote circularity and thus improve business, social and environmental competitiveness