TELTRONIC LTE field trial for transport in Bilbao Metro

In cooperation with ITELAZPI (operator of Public TETRA network in Basque Country), TELTRONIC is conducting a field trial of professional LTE technology on the Bilbao metro network.

Since 2011, ITELAZPI is rendering service of mobile professional radio communication, based on TETRA technology and the TELTRONIC infrastructure NEBULA, for the communication with the rolling stock units, security staff, inspection and traffic, and maintenance.

Future vocation of ITELAZPI as network operator and TELTRONIC as manufacturer, is to keep the systems updated to the technology latest state of the art, stablishing long term relationships with the customers by evolving together with their new needs, and proposing functionalities and services to improve the daily user operation.

Within this framework, ITELAZPI and TELTRONIC have agreed with Metro Bilbao a field trial to demonstrate the use and benefits of the new LTE broadband radio access for the transport sector, and also to see how easy is to evolve the NEBULA TETRA network, currently in operation, towards the new generation eNEBULA which supports TETRA and LTE radio access over a unique infrastructure. This is one of the added value for existing TETRA users of TELTRONIC infrastructure, as they can take advantage and protect the investment, evolving their systems by including the broadband capacity based on the standard technology LTE.

Field survey tasks in tunnels and outdoor areas have been already carried out and the deployment, which will be done in frequency bands below 1Ghz, is planned for the incoming months. The trial is including also LTE on-board terminals, video recorder and cameras to be installed in the selected train units, as well as two applications in the control center, the network management system in its new release including the LTE radio access and the video management application.

The LTE radio access will integrate new services as real time CCTV to remote monitoring of trains from OCC or the transference of operation and maintenance bulk data.

About Metro Bilbao

Metro Bilbao S.A. is the operating company of the metropolitan railway network. Current network includes 41 stations serving a population of 800.000 inhabitants

About Itelazpi

ITELAZPI, S.A. is a public company of the Basque Government, which seeks, inter alia, to fulfil the following key tasks: Provide transport services and broadcasting coverage to radio and television, particularly those channels pertaining to the Basque public service EiTB; Manage public communication network infrastructures, offering housing services to third parties; provide TETRA communication services to Basque government offices; extend the provision of broadband internet access to rural areas and provide communications consulting services to the public sector


Backed by over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of digital and analog land mobile radio (PMR) projects worldwide on a turnkey basis, TELTRONIC S.A.U. has the experience provided by the more than 400 systems deployed in more than 60 countries. TELTRONIC presents a broad portfolio of critical communication solutions for the transportation, public safety, utilities, and industrial sectors based on TETRA, P25, and LTE technologies. Its portfolio also covers end-user applications and systems for Integrated Command and Control Centers and custom surveillance to these markets.


TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is an open standard defined by the European Institute of Standardization (ETSI). The main target of the TETRA standard is to define a set of interfaces, services and functionalities to cover the needs of the traditional PMR professional users, making easy the interoperability between the products designed by all the vendors. TETRA technology defines a digital radio system with privacy and confidentiality, better audio quality and improvements in the data transmission capacity.

About LTE

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the mobile broadband communication standard also known in commercial telephony as 4G technology.  It offers a digital IP communication, defined and standardized by 3GPP.  For professional radio networks, this standard is the response to applications which require high volume data transmission.

TELTRONIC, as PMR manufacturer and supplier, offers standard LTE network infrastructure for mission-critical applications.  In this way, we can solve the increasing needs of broadband data transmission, basically video transmission, in public protection and disaster relief (PDDR) scenarios

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