Teltronic lands in Denmark: Odense light rail will use its TETRA solution

  • TETRA technology and, concretely, Teltronic transport solution will provide end to end communications to the light rail.

Zaragoza. February 21st 2018.

The Danish city Odense is deeply involved in the process of establish new infrastructures, being the new light rail the one which will contribute to alleviate traffic congestion by improving the connections to the city centre and Odense main railway station.

It is essential to have a robust and resilient wireless communications system to get the proper performance of this new light rail. For that purpose, Teltronic will deliver a system composed of TETRA NEBULA infrastructure and on-board radio equipment for the trams. The system will be able to handle simultaneously the voice services for the drivers and network staff, and the data ones to support the needs of the traffic control and regulation.

The TETRA communication system is integrated with the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) application from the Portuguese company Efacec, TimeKeeper, in the on-board part as well as in the control center, where the traffic control and regulation application (FMS) will be installed. This application will have line connection to the radio system and its TETRA services through the interface and N2A protocol provided by the NEBULA infrastructure.

It does worth to highlight the extreme environmental conditions, which have required outdoor equipment in certain parts of the track, where there was no access to technical rooms, so that low temperatures and salinity conditions of the coast zone were supported. Similarly, the installation of rail certified equipment within the trains has been demanded.

“The commitment of TELTRONIC in this type of transport projects is to design the best and optimum communication solution that guarantees a perfect integration with the rest of companies involved in the Project, as they are in this case, the applicator of the ITS system and the Rolling stock manufacturer”, says Felipe Sanjuán, Business Development Director for Transport.

“The opening of the line based on digital TETRA communications will be a step forward the improvement of the current public transport system in Odense, and incorporates the first TELTRONIC transport reference in Denmark”.