TELTRONIC integrated command and control center solutions for public safety will be present in Critical Communication World 2015 in Barcelona

Public Safety first responders can rely on the high reliability and advanced functionality of TELTRONIC CeCoCo Series, designed to support the coordinated operation of multi agencies. Live demo system will be shown during the CCW’2015.

The powerful architecture of TELTRONIC CeCoCo series provides cost effective scalability from small dispatch offices to local and regional call centers. CeCoCo Series enables standard-based information sharing between different agencies and organizations, which is critical to provide a quick and accurate response to emergency situations.

Designed according public safety requirements, this suite leverages TELTRONIC experience during the last 40 years supplying turnkey solutions for Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Fire Brigade agencies throughout the world. The CeCoCo series offers an integrated end-to-end solution based on a modular and flexible platform to cover different level of services, as GIS (Geographic Information System), AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), Radio dispatch, Integration with other radio technologies, Video Surveillance, Incident management, Call Taking or 112/911 services.

Beyond the radio communication projects based on different technologies as TETRA, P25 or LTE, TELTRONIC is also able to offer Control Center solutions, either integrated with the radio infrastructure or exclusively based on the CAD and 112/911 services.

Visit our stand in CCW’2015 (Barcelona 19-21 May, stand A401) to experience the CeCoCo solution for large call centers.


Backed by over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of digital and analog land mobile radio (PMR) projects worldwide on a turnkey basis, TELTRONIC S.A.U. has the experience provided by the more than 400 systems deployed in more than 60 countries. TELTRONIC presents a broad portfolio of critical communication solutions for the transportation, public safety, utilities, and industrial sectors based on TETRA, P25, and LTE technologies. Its portfolio also covers end-user applications and systems for Integrated Command and Control Centers and custom surveillance to these markets.


TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is an open standard defined by the European Institute of Standardization (ETSI). The main target of the TETRA standard is to define a set of interfaces, services and functionalities to cover the needs of the traditional PMR professional users, making easy the interoperability between the products designed by all the vendors. TETRA technology defines a digital radio system with privacy and confidentiality, better audio quality and improvements in the data transmission capacity.

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