Teltronic increases its results

TELTRONIC has almost doubled its revenues and multiplied its operative earnings by three, creating 100 new jobs, most of them highly skilled.

In 2014, TELTRONIC has obtained an operative earnings (EBIT) of 8 M € from 62.8 M € of revenues, representing an increase of 30% in sales and 42% in the results compared to 2013.

The company increased its staff during 2013 by 37 positions, mainly in its R&D department, finishing the year with 373 employees.

In its business activity, it is worth noting the geographic diversification of the company’s sales, with a very balanced distribution between EMEA (33%), Latin America (48%), Asia (2%), and North America (18%). For the overall group of companies, 95% of the revenues correspond to foreign markets.

Among the most important contracts achieved in 2014 are included those signed with GE Transportation for the deployment of a communications network for railway signaling in Northern Colombia, the Police of the Brazilian states of Bahia and Acre, the Salvador Metro and Rio de Janeiro Tramway, communications systems for the Ontario Power Generation in Canada, and a communications system for the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia.

It is important to also highlight the achievement of the first contract for a private LTE communications system, which represents an outstanding milestone for the company in positioning itself in the market for the latest generation mobile communication systems.

During 2014, the investment in R & D reached 11.7% of the turnover of the company, in line with previous years. This investment has focused on improving the company’s offering of TETRA products and services in the existing market, launching new products for the public transportation segment, and the development of 4G LTE based mobile broadband IT equipment, meeting customers’ requirements for broadband mission critical communications.

Throughout the course of its 2012-2014 Strategic Plan, TELTRONIC has almost doubled its revenues and multipled its operative earnings by three, creating 100 new positions, most of them highly skilled.

In the following years, the company plans to continue growing and focusing on new potential markets, such as North America, taking advantage of its winning technological strength.

TELTRONIC is owned by TRYO Technologies, a Spanish technological company, and which is is a professional telecommunications systems and equipment manufacturer providing its own, innovative products and solutions in market segments such as Public Safety, Public Transport, Banking, Radio Broadcasting, Space, Air Traffic Control, and Defense.

In 2014, TRYO acquired a major stake in MIER Communications, headquartered in Barcelona and oriented to TDT transmission equipment and active on-board satellite devices.