Teltronic facilitates the digitisation of public safety agencies with a complete solution over band 68

  • The company offers private radio systems over LTE (4G) technology, providing public safety and emergency response agencies with new functionalities such as real-time video streaming.
  • The Spanish National Frequency Allocation Table and other regulators across Europe have allocated band 68 for use by public protection systems and disaster relief operations.

Zaragoza, March 28th, 2023
Following the allocation in Spain and most European countries of Band 68 (698-703 MHz/753-758 MHz) for use “by public protection systems and disaster relief operations”, Teltronic offers the first complete solution over this LTE (4G) band, which will enable public safety and emergency response agencies to move towards further digitisation.

“Since broadband radio technologies began to be developed, public safety agencies have been demanding the allocation of frequencies that would allow their use in the security and availability conditions they require; Teltronic has been preparing for this moment for years, and now that this demand is finally beginning to be met by the various regulatory bodies around the world, we can offer private 4G networks that enable the digital transformation of these agencies,” explains Teltronic’s Product Marketing Manager, Marta Fontecha.

In this way, Teltronic’s solution consists firstly of the Radio Access Network that provides LTE coverage to the operation area. The Spanish company has pioneered the development of an LTE base station with a compact format in band 68, a unit prepared to be installed outdoors on a wall or mast without the need for a technical room. Its all-in-one format makes it easy to install and maintain and, by using the 700 MHz range and reserved spectrum, it guarantees wide coverage areas and avoids interference problems.

Teltronic has also developed the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that provides intelligence to the communication infrastructure. With almost 50 years of experience in the sector, the company is well aware of the needs required by mission-critical users, and all this experience is embodied in an EPC designed to incorporate the functionalities required in this type of environment. It also includes the necessary management and monitoring tools for easy and complete configuration, maintenance and analysis of network performance.

The use of broadband networks enables new public safety applications, such as the use of drones.

The solution also incorporates different terminals that support this band with different formats such as ruggedised smartphones or CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment) for installation in vehicles, offices or control centres.

Finally, the solution is completed with a catalogue of Mission Critical Services (MCX) for voice, data and video communications, including the necessary applications for the establishment of services such as group voice calls, sending messages and files, or video calls, among many others.

“The application of broadband technologies and the transmission of large volumes of broadband data offer great potential to public protection systems; real-time video, personal cameras and wearables, map and database queries and AI analysis are applications that will soon become part of the operation of these agencies, substantially improving their efficiency and security,” says Fontecha.

Teltronic’s 68-band solution is easily scalable and adapts to any type of deployment, whether they are fixed networks of local, regional or national scope, or mobile units and tactical cells that can be easily moved to take 4G coverage wherever it is needed, such as for incidents in remote environments.