Teltronic collaborates with Motostudent Unizar

Zaragoza, April 20th 2022

Teltronic collaborates with Motostudent Unizar, a motorcycling team which is made up entirely of students from the University of Zaragoza and participates in the biennial international university competition MotoStudent.

This project allows the integration of new avenues of research and development in a wide variety of fields of knowledge. These are necessary to fulfil the final objective, which is to design and manufacture prototypes of competition motorbikes (electric and petrol engine) with which to participate in the tests that take place in the international circuit of MotorLand Aragón.

Teltronic has contributed with the donation of some radio equipment to facilitate the communications between the different members of the team, from the boxes, and we put at their disposal all our experience to give them a tutoring support to solve any doubts they may have regarding telecommunications.