Teltronic at Critical Communications World (CCW 2018)

Teltronic took part once more in the Critical Communications World (CCW 2018), which is considered as the most important event for critical communications market and that was held in Berlin. The Spanish company displayed its main novelties and products.

Aligned with one of the mains topics discussed in the forum, Teltronic presented TETRA + LTE convergent solution, which allows, from a simple evolution from narrowband models, providing broadband capabilities to the communications infrastructure. People that visited the booth could prove by themselves the hybrid TETRA+LTE eNEBULA, showing the four layers of convergence: infrastructure, Network Management System, Multimode terminals and integrated command and control.

In addition, there was space for proposals for the transport sector, with integrated and customized solutions, and a portfolio that includes both infrastructure and onboard equipment, as well as control centers specifically designed to this kind of environments. A fully equipped demo allowed visitors to know how the communications among train driver, control center and passengers are, discovering a reliable solution to manage voice and data, and even video thanks to LTE technology.

Furthermore, the event served to present two novelties: On the one hand, the new portfolio of cybersecurity licenses and services designed to protect critical infrastructures. Teltronic extends its expertise developing the safest communication networks to cyber security sphere in order to mitigate the ever-increasing cyber threats, avoiding breaches that could hamper critical infrastructures and, consequently, the overall safety of all citizens.

On the other hand, Teltronic presented the new generation of control centers, built over an open platform that increases its performance and improves its capabilities. This solution is the result of years of experience, research and development of products for the professional communications market and has been especially designed for security bodies, assistance centres and other segments like transportation where several communication networks have to be integrated. This evolution enhances system reliability, flexibility and adaptability, and has meant a sharp growth with respect to the new functions that are being constantly incorporated


Teltronic took part in two presentations. On Wednesday, Product Management Director, Marta Fontecha, talked about TETRA+LTE convergence as the necessary solution to face the present and future of mission critical networks. Marta Fontecha enumerated the strengths and advantages of hybrid TETRA+LTE over other technologies, and shared the expertise of Teltronic in the develop of this solution that enables users to benefit from higher data throughput and, at the same time, take advantage of the reliability of the leading technology for mission critical communications.

The following morning, Product Manager Vicente Rubiella explained how rail operator can benefit from the latest communications technologies. Tramways, metros, buses and railways all demand communication systems which enhance operational management and safety, as well as the quality of service for passengers. That’s why it’s important to provide solutions for a variety of applications used in the daily running of a transport service, and TETRA+LTE offer the best performance for information systems, voice dispatching, signalling data, real-time surveillance or passenger Internet.