TELTRONIC has been working for more than 40 years designing, manufacturing and deploying critical communication systems for voice and data in transportation segment, both mass transit and cargo. Currently, we can offer profession communication solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Voice applications to guarantee the communication between trains and ground facilities, between trains, integration with PA and Intercom systems, etc.
  • Applications managing critical data including alarms, vehicle diagnosis information, location, and any other relevant information in case of emergency situation.
  • Application managing vital data including signaling applications for train control.
  • On board video applications and any other multimedia application.


Control of designing and manufacturing processesProduct and solution customization.
Integration of all solutions supplied by TELTRONIC

Wide range of solutions according to the functionality requiredAdaptation to the needs of each project
Integration of all elements of the solutionsWarranty of correct performance, savings in maintenance
Unified, multiservice systemProfitability and economic viability: excelent relation cost/features in terms of CAPEX / OPEX
Service delivery in mobilityRadio technologies specially adapted to mobile environments
Redundant configurationsMaximum availability and reliability
On-board equipment adapted to the transport sectorCompliance with railway regulation EN 50155
Standard voice services: group calls, broadcast, ambience listening call, etcFunctionality specifically applicable for the transport environment
Standard services and protocolsFor both radio access, frequency bands, standard voice and data services, as well as for video IP applications using standard compression H.264 and ONVIF compatible solution
100% IP SolutionScalability in installation, deployment and systems capacity. Efficient and distributed maintenance
Technology with capacity for growthFuture integration of new services and ready to evolve towards new standard releases


1TETRA and LTE radio communications. Equipment for backhaul system infrastructure
2Specialized on-board radio equipment
4On-board user interface (standard or touch-screen)
3Interconnection with PA and intercom systems
5Portable and mobile radios

6Real time CCTV in trains and stations
7Communications support for signaling systems ETCS, CBTC, PTC
8Control Center designed for transport environment: CeCo-TRANS
9Desktop units for offices and stations


TETRA provides group calls, broadcast calls, emergency calls, calls between trains, etc., for communication among the main players in the transport environment: drivers, stations, depots, control center, passengers, and security and maintenance staff.

Furthermore, it allows integration with external communications networks (police, firefighters, etc.) in critical situations for emergency coordination.

TELTRONIC on-board equipment is responsible for obtaining the location information and sending such data to the control center (CeCo-TRANS), so that the position of all vehicles is known within seconds and can be presented over various types of maps and/or synoptic line display.

Another common application is the monitoring and management of alarms and events which take place regarding the on-board equipment and other train subsystems.

Furthermore, the on-board equipment also has also auto-diagnostic functions and is able to be integrated with Passenger Information Systems, which allows passengers to be informed in real-time about next stops, arrival times, and incidents, reducing traveling and waiting times for the users.

Signaling systems are responsible for assuring comfort, punctuality, availability, and safety in passenger and freight transportation, managing driving operations of the trains.

TELTRONIC radio solutions, focused to optimize costs, provide the data communication means required for these kinds of applications such as, for example, ETCS European standard for railways, CBTC systems oriented to underground or trams, or PTC systems, etc.

The TELTRONIC TETRA solution for critical voice and data communications is complemented with a broadband radio access layer which supports applications such as:

  • Real-time video to monitor at the control center images from inside the trains
  • Real-time video to display in the driver cabin images of the station as the train approaches
  • File transfer between the control center and trains for various required operations