MCBS, Best TETRA Product of the Year

Dubai, May 15th 2024

The MCBS, Teltronic’s TETRA multi-carrier base station, was recognised yesterday as ‘Best TETRA Product or Solution of the Year’ at the International Critical Communications Awards, the industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony, which took place yesterday in Dubai.

The jury thus recognises Teltronic’s commitment to the further development of a technology that still has a long life in certain markets and will continue to coexist with broadband solutions for a long time to come. With millions of TETRA users around the world, Teltronic is committed to continuing to improve these systems to provide more and better services.

The MCBS is based on multi-carrier technology and through the use of SDR (Software Defined Radio) techniques can provide more than one carrier in a single compact and small unit. It thus represents a significant breakthrough in the mission-critical radio industry, matching the power of cabinet-format base stations with reduced weight and size.

Teltronic’s Product Marketing director, Marta Fontecha, received the award

The MCBS has a capacity of up to 4 TETRA carriers per unit and offers RF power of up to 40W per carrier.

As fewer units are needed to provide the same coverage area and as it does not require installation in a technical or conditioned room, its use significantly reduces the cost of the TETRA infrastructure; shortens deployment, maintenance and upgrade times; and reduces consumption and carbon footprint.

Since its launch on the market, the MCBS has been consolidated in Teltronic’s portfolio as a differential solution. Its versatility, power and flexibility make it the preferred option for large deployments, improving the competitiveness of the solution.