Athens, Acapulco, Berne and Monterrey are just some of the cities relying on Teltronic’s communications solutions for efficient and safe transit of passengers on their bus networks.

Key features

  • Conventional or BRT (Bus Rapid Transit Scenarios)
  • High density of vehicles
  • Simultaneous Voice and Data services
  • Optimum performance relies on data capacity and availability
  • Strong integration between radio and Intelligent Transportation System application (ITS)


Our complete communications for this sector include:

  • The powerful 10W RF SRG3900 TETRA mobile radio, with the most proven gateway and repeater technology on the market, extends communication into areas otherwise beyond network coverage
  • Our TETRA and LTE eNEBULA infrastructure provides outstanding coverage, security and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost effective scalability
  • The SDM (Synchronous Data Manager) guarantees an efficient use of TETRA control channels (MCCH/SCCH), ensuring that voice and data services coexist simultaneously without undermining quality. Typically this is used for the transmission of alarms, events, operational vehicle information, status of on-board subsystems and location information
  • Our custom-built range of SDAs (Short Data Applications) enable the automation of workflows, job allocation and remote control capabilities, and provide intuitive display of information