Fruitful participation at the 7th MCX Plugtests

Zaragoza, December 20th, 2022

Teltronic took part at the MCX Plugtests from 7th to 11th November at the University of Malaga (UMA), seventh event of a series which is configured as the first independent testing of public safety and other mission critical services over LTE and 5G networks.

Using 4G and 5G test networks, over 1.200 use cases were executed between more than 150 delegates and vendors, based on 3GPP Release-17. The report shows a success rate of 96.0% interoperability of the 3GPP mission critical services executed tests.

Teltronic was able to test FRMCS features as well as the Interworking Function IWF to other technologies like TETRA or P25, taking part with its EPC (Unicast and Multicast), CeCoCo control centre solution, and RTP-800 on board radio. For the first time at MCX ETSI Plugtests, eMBMS network elements were integrated into the test networks setup and we can proudly say that Teltronic’s EPC took part in these integrations.

It has meant a hard work since June 2022, when all the preparations started, but the effort was worthwhile. The contact with the other vendors was very fruitful and we were able to verify that our developments are well oriented towards meeting the intended interoperability within 4G and 5G networks.