Equipment cleaning and disinfection tips

In view of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Teltronic suggests that some procedures should be carried out as the permanent sanitization and disinfection for radios (portable, mobile and railway) and their accessories.

The WHO recommendation is to sanitize any and all surfaces of common use, thus eliminating possible germs, viruses and impurities from the surfaces of the objects. For this, the use of chemical disinfectants is necessary to mitigate the risk of possible transmission of VOCID-19.

Therefore, we suggest that you take the steps below in order to disinfect:

The disinfection procedure should be practiced whenever the user of the appliance, performs the shift change.

Accessories such as headset and remote microphone should be considered as personal use and sharing them with other users is not recommended.

ATTENTION: Teltronic cannot affirm if a certain cleaning product has the effective power to eliminate specific foreign bodies, notably viruses. However, the above cleaning products, disinfectants and processes are suggested by Teltronic, considering their less degrading effects on commonly used physical devices. If in doubt, please contact the manufacturer of the chemical product in relation to its effective elimination of viruses and bacteria.