eNEBULA TETRA & LTE Infrastructure, Key role in the Security of Maracana Stadium during the Final event in 2014 FIFA World Cup

TELTRONIC shows how it is possible to manage effectively secure communications in major sport events with its integrated TETRA & LTE solutions during the Final match of the World Cup in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

After the end of FIFA World Cup it is time to look back, reach conclusions and put in value the organization of this major event. TELTRONIC has played a very important role, securing the communications between police forces in the most relevant venues of the event: Maracanã Stadium in Río de Janeiro.

With capacity to host almost 80.000 supporters, Maracanã had their own TELTRONIC TETRA network, deployed in 380 MHz frequency band, offering communication services to the security staff in the Stadium. TELTRONIC has improved that deployment, integrating the communications with the existing TETRA network operated by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State, operating in 450 MHz frequency band. In this way, it is shown how TELTRONIC solutions allow the seamless cooperation between security forces in major events and situations where the prevention of emergencies and security control is a must.

In addition, to complement the critical voice services, TELTRONIC deployed in exclusive for the Security Secretary of Rio de Janeiro State Government, a professional Broadband network based on LTE technology. This 4G radio access provided broadband coverage inside the stadium and the surroundings, allowing the real-time video transmission from more than twenty police patrols and police users to the Crisis Room, in the Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC) established in Río de Janeiro, and to the Control Room in Maracanã Stadium. Those operational rooms were the main operational command centers for coordinating communications and video surveillance tasks during the Final match between Germany and Argentina.