RTP-Series Onboard Equipment

The core of our communications solution is a wide range of on-board equipment (EN50155) adaptable to specific requirements set by the different types of operation.

Our on-board equipment offer functions related
to voice and data management to ensure safe
and secure communications. Additionally, this equipment is highly
flexible, allowing configuring functionality and interfaces
specifically for each project.



  • Compliant with railway regulations EN50155 and EN45545
  • Multiple onboard configuration options
  • Functionality:
    • TETRA voice and data communications
    • Interconnection with PA and intercom systems
    • Location via GPS
  • Serial communication interface (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) and
  • Digital I/Os



All the features of the RTP-300 plus:

  • Dual equipment: up to two internal radio interfaces
  • Advanced functionality integrated in the communications
    • Interconnection with Passenger Information Systems
    • Interconnection with TCMS for integration with other train
    • Interface to connect a beacon reader
    • Voice synthesizer
    • Interconnection with public address and intercom systems
  • 100% availability, full redundancy of:
    • power supply
    • radio equipment
    • communications rack


  • Compliant with railway regulations EN50155 and EN45545
  • Modem data-like functions managed from onboard signalling
  • TETRA data services for bulk data transmission management: PD (Packet Data) and CMD (Circuit Mode Data)
  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


 Control Consoles

  • Various onboard control consoles adapt the train operation to
    different scenarios
  • Easy-to-use interface to access onboard radio equipment
  • Connection to audio accessories e.g. handset with PTT,
    loudspeaker, ambience microphone
  • RCC-3000, 8″ touchscreen console with capacity for video
    display and other advanced functions
  • Robust and reliable modular and integrated consoles, ready to
    be adapted to any cabin design