eNEBULA Infrastructure


NEBULA infrastructure for TETRA mobile radio networks delivers outstanding coverage, security and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost effective scalability.

The only 100% Ethernet/IP-based TETRA system available, NEBULA allows the construction of a secure and reliable network with distributed switching and intelligence, complete fault-tolerant redundancy and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment for lower network costs.

In addition, our Synchronous Data Manager (SDM) speeds up the transmission of SDS messages in applications such as AVL and SCADA, paring down the entire fleet refresh time.

Ethernet / IP architecture

  • Native IP distributed voice/data traffic switching
  • No need for GPS or external synchronization

  • Flexibility to adapt to any backhaul network technology
  • The highest level of network availability thanks to redundancy mechanisms
  • Future-proof scalability

  • From a single site, with up to 128 channel capacity (32 TETRA carriers), to regional networks made up of 128 base stations and 1000 carriers with only one SCN (System Control Node)
  • Database of up to 140,000 users per SCN
  • Interconnection of up to 64 SCN for national-wide networks: 8,192 TETRA base stations
State-of-the-art features

  • TETRA carriers delivering up to 75 W RF output power
  • Plug and play and hot swap modules to simplify system upgrades and expansions
  • VoIP recorder system enabling remote communications playback

  • Connectivity to external networks and applications: API with set of IP protocols to give true added-value to the TETRA system, developing the applications that best fit the customer daily operations


eNEBULA, our LTE infrastructure solution for transport, supports different applications used in daily operations.


Voice and critical data features are covered in the transport sector by using professional narrowband technologies like TETRA, presenting high levels of security and availability. There is an increasing demand of broadband applications and services such as video surveillance. This requires the expansion and the extension of the existing systems to provide a new broadband radio access that covers these requirements.

  • Alternatives of deployment
    • LTE network
    • Hybrid TETRA+LTE network
  • Key features
    • Narrowband TETRA and Broadband LTE in a single network experience
    • LTE technology is natively incorporated to the NEBULA design: single network concept vs. two overlay separate networks
    • Single node and NMS to manage both TETRA and LTE
    • Compact, ‘single-box’ outdoor LTE eNodeB
    • First release in 700 MHz FDD Bands: B12, B13, B14, B17 and B28
  • Highlights
    • Own design based on 3GPP standards, built for PMR users by a PMR market leader, vs. other vendors on alliance with commercial LTE partners
    • More flexibility for developing LTE with PMR features
    • CAPEX is optimised when TETRA NEBULA infrastructure is to be upgraded with new LTE eNodeBs (LTE base stations)

Network Management System

The NMS provides an intuitive but powerful tool to configure, monitor and check the performance of all TETRA, LTE or hybrid TETRA-LTE network components.

Built upon a client-server architecture to the FCAPS
(Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) industry standard, the NMS allows separate technical and operational management- allowing multiple user groups to share the network, whilst isolating each group’s configurable access privileges.

Within geographically dispersed networks, the NMS permits the creation of local maintenance workstations, while maintaining centralised supervision and control.