Known as critical infrastructures, different kind of public and private infrastructures are grouped. Public infrastructures like ports and airports offer public services and must ensure a high reliability level even in critical situations.

Mission-critical private infrastructure are those which, even if they are exploited by private companies, they offer a public service to population like large sport stadiums, Formula One circuits, large shopping or convention centers.

Private users in this kind of facilities are professional users and their communication systems must be in operation 24×7 under any circumstances.

It has been confirmed that solutions based on cellular telephony are not reliable in these scenarios due to the high concentration of people and to the unpredictability of available coverage in emergency situations.

TELTRONIC’s TETRA solutions offer a robust voice and data communications systems simultaneously for individual, group and emergency calls, text messaging transmission, status data transmission, positioning, Bluetooth and WAP among others.


TELTRONIC has been working for more than 40 years designing, manufacturing and deploying communication systems for voice and data in critical infrastructures. Currently, we can offer professional solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Voice communication solutions for the security personnel.
  • Video surveillance solutions customized according to defined operational requirements.
  • Interoperability solutions to facilitate the communication with external entities like public forces that collaborate with private security staff in specific situations.


Control of designing and manufacturing processes• Products and solutions customization
• Flexibility: integration of all solutions supplied by TELTRONIC
Wide range of solutions according to the functionality requiredAdaptation to the needs of each project
Integration with the facilities operationPossibility of integrations with other subsystems as Access control, telemetry control systems, etc.
Unified, multiservice systemProfitability and economic viability: excelent relation cost/features in terms of CAPEX / OPEX
Service delivery in mobilityRadio technologies specially adapted to mobile environments
Redundant configurationsMaximum availability and reliability
Standard services and protocolsFor both radio access, frequency bands, standard voice and data services, as well as for video IP applications using standard compression H.264 and ONVIF compatible solution
100% IP SolutionScalability in installation, deployment and systems capacity. Efficient and distributed maintenance
Technology with capacity for growthFor future network expansion, integration of new services and ready to evolve towards new standard releases


Equipamiento para infraestructuras de red de transporteTETRA and LTE radio communications.
Equipment for backhaul system infrastructure.
radios-movilesMobile and handheld radios.
3Integration with other systems: Access control systems, alarm systems, airport systems, etc.

6CCTV solutions both in facilities and vehicles.
8Dispatcher units and video surveillance applications integrated in control centres.


  • Individual calls, half and full duplex
  • Group calls / brodcast
  • Emergency calls
  • Ambience listening calls
  • Direct Mode calls (DMO)
  • Man Down emergency call with GPS
  • PABX interconnection
  • Circuit Mode transmission
  • Connection-oriented / Connectionless Packet Data
  • Multi-slot Packet Data up to 4 slots
  • Short Data Message (SDS)
  • Status Messages (predefined content)
  • Real-time video transmission from ground sites or in mobility
  • Complimentary Broadband solutions