PowerTrunk 25

PowerTrunk25 is the name of Teltronic’s P25-based mission critical radio communications infrastructure solution.

P25 is a set of open standards resulting from the combined efforts of public safety organizations in the United States, standardized and maintained by TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association).

PowerTrunk25 features a powerful, field-proven, end-to-end IP-based design, using standard networking equipment which reduces risk of obsolescence and lowers switching equipment costs.  It is available for both conventional and trunking modes and is designed for a wide range of frequency bands (VHF, UHF, 800 MHz, and 700 MHz).  All these characteristics together make PowerTrunk25 a revolutionary and innovative concept within the P25 market.

TELTRONIC’s patented method for sending voice packets over IP results in lower backhaul bandwidth requirements so that customers may include additional applications over their IP backbones. Interoperability is fundamental to the design which includes interfaces to other LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems. In addition, VoIP connectivity makes integration with Computer Aided Dispatch and Voice Logging applications easier