LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the mobile broadband communication standard also known in commercial telephony as 4G technology.  It offers a digital IP, just packet data, communication defined and standardized by 3GPP.  For professional radio networks, this standard is the response to applications which require high volume data transmission and which cannot be supported by narrowband technologies like TETRA or P25.

TELTRONIC, as PMR manufacturer and supplier, offer standard LTE network infrastructure for mission-critical applications.  In this way, we can solve the increasing needs of broadband data transmission, basically video transmission, in public protection and disaster relief (PDDR) scenarios.

Other server usually required by professional users like voice applications and critical data delivery are also possible over LTE, although the standard has not currently defined how to implement this kind of applications and the interoperability among manufacturers cannot guarantee yet, since a process similar to IOP is not still in place.

In this way, our Evolved NEBULA infrastructure integrate accesses and services provided by TETRA technology, with new broadband services based on LTE technology, guaranteeing at the same time, the same advantages derived from a professional deployment in terms of availability, levels of coverage, redundancies and fault-tolerant policies.

Evolved NEBULA can be deployed according to different exploitation methods: e.g. combining TETRA and LTE technologies, or just using LTE for all applications.  The applications provided by TETRA or P25 infrastructure will be offered natively, whereas in case of pure LTE deployments, specific utilization of application systems will be required, being possible to use IMS services or any other ad-hoc designed system.

Consult TELTRONIC about what is the best deployment architecture to satisfy your professional communication needs.




Evolved NEBULA, or eNEBULA is the commercial name of TELTRONIC mission-critical infrastructure, offering both TETRA and LTE radio access, in the same system deployment or separately, according to our customer needs, ensuring a seamless operation and management
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