TELTRONIC complements its critical network infrastructure solutions with CCTV products and applications for all its business targets: transportation, public safety, industries, etc.

TELTRONIC CCTV solutions are based on digital IP technology, especially designed for mobility scenarios, able to optimize the video stream transmission through wireless mission-critical networks, ensuring 100% video availability from integrated control centres.

The range of CCTV solutions includes a complete camera portfolio with models suitable for any installation requirement, norm compliancy, resolution and image quality, up to recording and storage systems adapted to the most exigent environments like transportation, or suitable for critical security systems like MVC-6000.

TELTRONIC also provides a wide offer of CCTV applications for integrated security and video surveillance control centres, which allow an integrated operation with our communication systems based in our mission-critical wireless radio infrastructures


OBVR – On-board Video Recorder

OBVR series are designed according to EN 50155 norm and are able to serve simultaneously real-time and recording video locally to on-board applications and to remote Integrated Transport Control Centres.

OBVR - On-board video recorder

OBVR series are built upon robust hardware with and shock and vibration resistant in order to guarantee the integrity and durability of stored information.

Its features in terms of processing capacity, number of supported IP channels, etc., can be configured in a flexible way to cover both basic and advanced requirements in terms of quality of recorded video flows up to high definition and storage periods.  Solid state disks (SSD) are used as storage units, and they can be configured at different redundancy levels.

OBVR series also allows the integration of different communication methods including conventional Wireless technologies like WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n), or cellular mobile communications based on 3G/4G technologies, and even they can embed specific LTE modules at frequency bands for professional use.

TELTRONIC integrates natively its OBVR equipment with the rest of on-board and control centre solutions, in order to turn video capacity into a differential added value for the critical communication applications.  In this way, alarms and events managed from TELTRONIC network infrastructures become activators of real-time video monitoring and viewing at control centers and video turns into a key decision-making factor in incident management where immediate decisions need to be taken.


Cameras and recorders comprise the basic functionality related to video capture, recording and storage.


The CCTV subsystems need to be completed with specific server and client applications, which play a relevant role for incident management.

These applications are the following:

  • Operator client applications, as well as a specific video module, it is possible to monitor video streams from CeCoCo modules like GIS and CeCo-TRANS. All of them allow real-time monitoring and displaying recorded and stored video in recorders like OBVR or MVC-6000 systems.
  • Client applications installed on mobile units, integrated in TELTRONIC products like RCC-3000 rail console or MVC-6000 system.
  • Video Management Systems (VMS). As well as providing video monitoring capabilities, it allows advanced users, like maintenance staff or security managers, to configure, maintain, monitor and, in general, to exploit the deployed CCTV system both in ground facilities and in mobile units. Among these advanced functionalities, It is possible to manage configurations of dozens of recorders, manage video alarms, statistics capture and collection, etc.