Onboard CCTV

Our CCTV solutions are based on digital IP technology, especially designed for mobility scenarios, able to optimize the video stream transmission through wireless mission-critical networks, ensuring 100% video availability from integrated control centres.

The range of CCTV solutions includes a complete camera portfolio with models suitable for any installation requirement, compliancy, resolution and image quality, up to recording and storage systems adapted to the most demanding transportation environment.


EN50155 cameras

  • Robust and compact cameras to install on new and refurbished rolling stock already in operation
  • EN50155-compliant
  • Integration with onboard LAN via PoE ports
  • Wide variety of lenses to offer the widest vision field
  • Flexible bit rate range – up to 32 Mbps – and multi-stream capability
  • Advanced optical functions: AGC, BLC, AWB, ECS, day/night filter
  • Integrated intelligent video analysis capabilities: tampering, motion detection, intruder detection


Product-image_Camera_portfolio_260x180px_225x156 Product-image_O-BVR_260x180px
  • Customised hardware to meet customer needs, compliant with EN 50155
  • Ruggedised hardware: proven resistance to shock and vibration to guarantee data integrity and durability
  • High recording capacity: up to four embedded solid state disks (SSD) per unit
  • Separate SSDs for operating system and installation of applications
  • Scalable solution for customers requiring high capacity
  • Multi-processing capabilities in real time: video recorder and video server
  • Up to 16 recording channels
  • Various power supply options
  • Wi-Fi interface, WLAN connectivity and GPS positioning supported
  • Optional redundant storage capacity and configuration
  • Local alarm management within the rolling stock
  • Remote alarm management from external systems to rolling stock
  • Auto-diagnosis methods and status monitoring function
  • Intelligent video analysis capability


  • Single tool for operation and maintenance of all onboard video and wayside CCTV infrastructure
  • System configuration, monitoring and diagnosis
  • Operation and maintenance tasks
  • Alarm management and supervision
  • Report generation and collection of statistics

Video Client Applications

  • Local console application for RCC-3000:
    • Real-time monitoring and visualisation of video recorded onboard
    • Display of appropriate video flows according to event occurrences (emergency PA & intercom activations, door openings, station arrival, etc.)
  • Control centre applications:
    • Real-time monitorization of rolling stock
    • Easy-to-use intuitive user interface with multiple view modes: single camera, matrix, recorded video, automatic display when events take place, etc.
    • Configuration options: group of cameras, group of trains,
  • Integration of video functions within CeCoCo series, CeCo-Trans and CeCo-Fleet, allowing access to video on demand