TELTRONIC is a company that is clearly oriented towards the development of its own technology, in its search for proven quality that positions it as a leading-edge firm in both the national and international professional mobile communications sector.

TELTRONIC has designed and developed its radio infrastructure, mobile terminals, onboard systems, hand-portables and Integrated Command and Control Center solutions to meet the needs of customers in the professional communications sphere and according to standardized technologies such as TETRA and LTE.

On top of these standards, TELTRONIC’s technological independence allows to customize its solution to fulfill specific requirements and customer needs, offering a flexible answer to the communication demands in professional markets.

TELTRONIC R&D Department has a qualified professional staff, vastly experienced in the design of large systems, on-board equipment and personal devices. Engineers comprising the different development teams are experts in different areas such as the mechanical design, printed circuit board design, digital signal processing, radio frequency, embedding software, real-time operating systems or IP networking systems.

Furthermore, TELTRONIC has also qualified senior engineers in the design and implementation of complimentary applications such as front-end systems based on different programming languages, databases, location systems, graphical user interfaces, voice and video technologies, as well as in inter-systems integration.

Since year 2000, TELTRONIC has participated, as leader or prime manager in some of them, in more than 15 research projects funded by several national and international programmes like PROFIT, CENIT, AVANZA, CDTI-IDI, CELTIC, EUREKA or EUROSTARTS.