The state of Amapá selects Sepura

Cambridge, 1 de Junio 2016. El Gobierno del Estado de Amapá, Brasil, ha elegido Sepura para la solución de comunicaciones críticas de los servicios de Policía y Emergencias. The State Government of Amapá, Brazil, has chosen Sepura to provide a critical communications solution for its Police and Emergency Services.

Coat of arms of the state of Amapa

The solution will provide secure voice and data services for public safety agencies throughout the state capital of Macapá and comprises a Nebula TETRA network, eight base stations and 300 radios – a combination of STP9000, STP8X and SRG3900.

“We are extremely pleased that the State of Amapá has selected Sepura,” said Ademir Borges, Sepura’s Sales Manager for the region.

“Our solutions are the choice of countless public safety organisations worldwide. I am confident that this investment will improve the quality and reliability of communications, reinforcing the efforts of police and emergency services in the area.”

Gastão Valente Calandrini, Amapá’s Secretary of Justice and Public Safety, commented: “After thorough assessment, it became clear that Sepura’s proposal was an excellent – and cost-effective – match for our operational requirements.

“This new digital TETRA system will significantly enhance critical communications for our public safety agencies, contributing to quicker response times and an improved service for the people of Amapá.”