Teltronic, at the Companies Race

Zaragoza, December, 16th 2019

Teltronic participated once again in the Race of Companies, an event that reached its VI edition and that is organized by ESIC Business School with the aim of strengthening the values shared by the business and sports world: effort, sacrifice, self-improvement, teamwork, fair play…

All the athletes must to take part in teams of three runners: three men, three women or mixed. All members of the team have to start at the same time and reach the finish line together because if they don’t do it, their time isn’t valid. Strategy, motivation, and teamwork are key factors to complete the 8 kilometres circuit. More than 4.000 runners took part in this competition, and Teltronic gathered 8 teams.

The race takes place in a festive atmosphere, because the important thing is not so much to win as to have the opportunity to share a pleasant and different moment with the work mates, promoting knowledge among the staff of the different departments and strengthening the cooperation. .