Teamwork to succeed in business and sport

  • Teltronic competed in the Carrera de Empresas (Companies Race) with 10 teams and one of them achieved a meritorious second place in the mixed category two women and one man

Zaragoza, December, 17th 2018

Companionship, effort or teamwork are some of the values promoted by the Carrera de Empresas (Companies Race) that is organized by ESIC Zaragoza business school, and that this year brought together more than 4,000 runners from more than 350 companies. The goal is to foster these principles that are shared by sport and business world, and that’s why the race is run in teams comprise of three athletes, whether male, female or mixed.

Teltronic fully shares these values and promotes sports among its workers. For this reason, its presence in this event is usual, this year with a participation of a total of 10 teams.

In this way, about thirty Teltronic runners took part in the race, and enjoyed a different Sunday, with a healthy activity and sharing with their colleagues a more relaxed moment but, at the same time, allowing greater knowledge among staff from different departments and encouraging teamwork spirit.

In addition, this year the participation has been very successful, since one of the Teltronic teams achieved the second position in the mixed category two women and one man. Marta Fontecha, Antonio Monguilod and Sonia Moreno had a great performance and managed to get on the podium, demonstrating that by cooperating and working as a team, the highest goals can be achieved.

The rest of Teltronic’s competitors also managed to complete the circuit and improve their times, with the satisfaction of seeing their objectives for this event met.