Teltronic to provide radio network for Sydney Light Rail

Cambridge, 5 July 2016. Teltronic has been selected by Alstom to provide radio equipment and network design for Sydney Light Rail’s new CBD (Central Business District) and South East Light Rail line. The 12km line will form an essential part of the city’s public transportation network, linking 19 passenger stations and helping to significantly reduce traffic congestion in the city.

The system will provide communications between all staff on the line – including drivers, maintenance and security staff, inspectors and the control centre – and will be integrated with an intelligent transport system application, responsible for fleet management, traffic regulation, passenger information management and train-to-ground information exchange.

“This win strengthens our relationship with Alstom, already proven in other projects,” said Felipe Sanjuan Pasamar, Teltronic’s Business Development Director.

“We are delighted to participate in this project, which will make an important contribution to the smooth running of Sydney Light Rail’s new line, both during its construction and in its daily operation.”