Public Safety Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro State to Expand its Secure Radio Communications Network

Teltronic will supply, deploy and maintain a TETRA system to completely cover Rio de Janiero State, with the goal of providing all emergency and public safety agencies with communication services for the 2016 Summer Olympics on the horizon.

The first agreement between the Public Safety Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro State and Teltronic dates back to 2000. After investing in a Teltronic TETRA network for the 2007 Pan American Games, which is still today used by seven public safety agencies in the Rio metropolitan area, the State Government has relied again on Teltronic to expand the TETRA radio system for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics.

With this new contract, authorities aim to strengthen the TETRA network to cope with the higher traffic load expected during Olympic Games in Rio, and in addition radio coverage will be further expanded throughout Rio de Janeiro State, the second most populous Brazilian State after Sao Paulo. The new project includes an emergency control center with 100 dispatcher positions as well as 4 mobile tactical units, which will make it possible to meet unexpected communication needs in specific events or emergency situations that could take place.