On-board mobile base stations for rapid deployment in Rio de Janeiro

TELTRONIC will supply four patrol cars equipped with TETRA radio infrastructure systems for Rio de Janeiro public safety agencies.

The ‘Secretaria de Estado de Segurança’, (Security Secretariat of the State), also known as SESEG, received in October last year the first vehicle equipped with TELTRONIC’s TETRA MBS base stations, compact and resilient units especially designed for mobility and outdoor operation, whereas the next vehicles will be supplied in forthcoming months. With these new mobile base stations, Rio de Janeiro public safety agencies can reassure that they will have at their disposal unmatched technological radio resources to address the most demanding events, incidents and emergency situations.

On-board mobile base stations - Rio de Janeiro The vehicles come loaded with 4 MBS units, thus delivering four carriers per car. The main strength of this radio solution is its great flexibility, since the MBS can work either connected to the central node of Rio de Janeiro TELTRONIC’s TETRA system or as a stand-alone unit. Needless to say that this operational flexibility is a must for a mobile base station like this, meeting the distinct requirement of being put into operation quickly, even in case there is no way to set up a radio link to the central node. In these situations, officers within the coverage area of the base station can still communicate among them not only taking profit of basic radio services, but also of an advanced, complete set of services and functionalities. Additionally, each vehicle counts on a dedicated network management system (NMS) on rugged laptop, allowing for real-time configuration and monitoring of the base station as well as tactical user management.

“These mobile units will provide higher efficiency for radio communications, regardless of the event they will serve in”, says Alexandre Corval, Superintendent of Critical Communications at Security Secretariat of the State”.

The patrol cars equipped with TELTRONIC’s MBS may be used in events such as the Reveillon, with diverse public safety agencies deployed on Copacabana beach, where over 1.5 million people get together to welcome the New Year. The mobile base stations will enable increasing the capacity and number of TETRA radio channels available in the area, therefore supporting the traffic peaks expected during the event. In a similar way, Maracanã Stadium and Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium will witness the usefulness and robustness of this mobile TETRA infrastructure solution by TELTRONIC, especially with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the horizon.

Also, these units will play a key part when communications are interrupted, for instance in natural disasters, allowing for quickly replacing the failed radio infrastructure or establishing new coverage areas in zones out of coverage, to provide the teams involved in recovery operations with mission critical radio communications.

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