Webinar – New Broadband Technologies for Emergency Services

Communications are critical for organizations whose mission is to provide Security and Emergency services, such as Police and State Security Forces, Health Emergencies, Firefighters, Civil Protection volunteer groups, etc. and the systems that support them must be dimensioned according to demanding criteria, guaranteeing availability, security, and adequate Quality of Service.

Join our webinar and discover how the era of Digital Transformation and new technologies and broadband solutions can contribute to a more efficient and secure operation in the Public Safety and Emergency Management sector. The event will be held on Wednesday, 21st April, at 10.00 (GMT+2)

We will address relevant topics such as:

  • User needs. Use cases from the Public Safety and Emergency Sector.
  • Standardisation of technologies
  • Key issues in the deployment of critical broadband services.
  • Broadband products and solutions portfolio
  • Video as a key broadband application

Who is the target audience?

CTOs, engineers and architects from:

  • Public safety agencies and law enforcement
  • 112/911 emergency services
  • System integrators
  • Consulting companies

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