Public safety arises as a key element of utmost importance in our societies. On the basis of the confidence that public safety agencies inspire in citizens, the proper and necessary framework is built for the development of all kind of community activities, leading to the social, economic and human development of cities, and eventually the society.

That is why a full commitment from all the officers and units of every public safety agency is a must, to take their daily labors to the highest levels of efficiency, service and coordination: police agencies, first responders, ambulances, fire brigades… It is not under discussion how essential the radio communication systems supporting these organizations are, allowing for real-time exchange of vital information and mission critical communications.

TELTRONIC is proud to deliver cutting-edge radio systems and solutions to meet the communications requirements of any public safety agency, regardless of the scope, whether local, regional or national. The experience and know-how secured over the last 40 years, partnering with public safety organizations worldwide, enable us to have a distinct vision of the main requirements of the segment, in order to develop the best strategy and solutions to fulfill the goals of every project.


TELTRONIC’s public safety solutions cover the next services:

  • Mission critical voice communications, both individual and group calls, with different permissions and call priorities to guarantee that the critical calls will progress under any circumstances.
  • Critical data transmission, among deployed units and from/to the control center.
  • GPS positioning and ‘Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)’ applications, with automatic and periodic transmission of position to the control center.
  • Control center for centralized management and coordination, with applications to manage mission critical data and voice communications, geographic information systems (GIS) and GPS positioning and incident-related information storage and handling.
  • Fixed and mobile video access form the control center, with new generation vehicular consoles equipped with video cameras and fixed cameras placed in strategic points.
  • Access to external databases from units and teams deployed, for consulting license plate numbers, driver’s licenses, ID numbers…
  • Vehicular consoles to manage voice, data, video and mobile office applications from vehicles and ambulances
  • End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) for voice and data communications.


Control of designing and manufacturing processes• Product and solutions customization
• Integration of all solution supplied by TELTRONIC
Wide range of solution according to the functionality requiredAdaptation to the needs of each project
Giving full support throughout the project lifeFrom the initial coverage planning studies to the customer service once the systems are under operation
Continuous evolution in products and solutionsKeeping them up to date to the latest market trends with new functionalities and enhancements
Maximum reliability and availability• Elements redundancy
• Network management system and preventive maintenance to guarantee smooth system operation
Standard components and elementsCost reduction by means of economies of scale access. Obsolescence prevention
Unified, multiservice systemProfitability and economic viability: excellent relation cost/features in terms of CAPEX / OPEX
100% IP solution, both for user data and signalingLess bandwidth required for the transport network, and cost savings for the switching equipment
Scalability and solutions ready to growFor the future network extension, integration of new services and evolution to new standard releases
Unmatched coverageRadio equipment with the maximum output power allowed, delivering larger coverage areas


1TETRA and LTE radio communications infrastructure
Backhaul network infrastructure equipment
5Mobile, portable and desktop radio units
4Vehicular consoles with video and mobile office applications
8Dispatching applications and control centers for centralized management

7911/112 call centers
9Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) applications
8CCTV solutions with fixed cameras


TELTRONIC solutions for public safety deliver unrivalled availability and reliability, reassuring that the systems will be running as expected when it matters the most. Undoubtedly, this is must for all the solutions that support public safety organizations in their everyday operations.

Redundancy in any element and transport network is a key point to achieve this goal, as well as counting upon advanced network management systems (NMS), displaying real-time information on the system performance and warning about any unexpected failure.


TELTRONIC products guarantee full interoperability with external applications, developed by either third parties or the customer itself, by means of a complete set of protocols that allow for exchanging information with the communications infrastructures. For instance, police officers will be able to access external databases with plate numbers from their subscriber terminals, and ambulance teams will be able to consult operational protocols from the vehicle.

Additionally, dispatching applications will take profit of the 100% Ethernet/IP architecture of TELTRONIC solutions, involving significant cost savings in the development of control centers by using standard, commercial off-the-shelf protocols and switching devices.

Interconnectivity with external networks is possible through gateways, installed in the radio communication infrastructure. This gateways enable making calls from the PMR radio terminals to telephone lines of the PSTN and vice versa, leading to further interconnectivity possibilities when addressing incidents and emergency situations.


Another matter of paramount importance for mission critical communications is to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access to the network.

TELTRONIC products come loaded with sophisticated mechanisms to encrypt communications at several levels, verify terminals identity and remotely disable those terminals stolen or lost. Public safety teams will have the strong belief that nobody will know their plans, paring down the threats they have to face.


IP based, high capacity voice records are to store voice calls established in the system during the time stipulated as per the regulations, easily retrieving them when necessary.

Using flexible search tools, it is possible to filter stored calls by date, calling party, called party, type of call…, and keeping a detailed record of the agency communications. Once again, different user-profile-based access permissions and encryption techniques will assure the privacy and confidentiality of call records.